Johnny Depp is rapidly moving to destruction

Джонни Депп стремительно движется к разорению
Johnny managed to spend a huge fortune.

Although, as previously thought, johnny Depp
has great condition, in fact, his finances seem to be in a
pretty sorry state. In any case, this statement was made by
the managers of TMG who ran his Affairs with
1999 and 2016. This was announced by the Internet site

The story began with the fact that Depp was filed in
court against TMG, stating that due to bad
control his finances on their part he lost, supposedly tens of millions
dollars. The defendants responded immediately, launching a counter-claim,
which he acquainted the court with the details of your dealings with the actor.

As it turned out, Depp has owed them more than 4
million dollars, requesting a loan to pay off their expenses, but even
didn’t think to return it. Managers now require court orders
the sale of one of the objects of real estate located in France and
owned by Depp.

In its lawsuit, the company TMG, led by Joel and Robert Mandela,
indicated that he had repeatedly warned the actor that his expenses exceed
income. According to managers, the monthly expenses Depp reached 3 million.
In particular, not less than 30 thousand he spent on wine, 200 thousand for payment
flights on private jets, 150
thousand for payment of security guard, 300 thousand — for the maintenance of his state
employees. In addition, johnny is constantly allow themselves such
the enormous costs as 18 million that he paid for the boat, 4 million for
the victim of the collapse of the record firm of the actor. Not to mention the fact that he posted 3.6 million by purchasing one of the
The Bahamas…

according to managers, they repeatedly pointed out to johnny on the need
cost adjustments, but he didn’t listen to them.
So in this situation he should only blame himself.