Джонни Депп готовится дать отпор Эмбер Херд в суде The famous actor collects the testimony of the witnesses who will be able to provide in the judicial process against his wife. The meeting is scheduled for early next week. Amber heard johnny Depp blames the beatings. The court will find out who is to blame for this protracted conflict parties.

      Джонни Депп готовится дать отпор Эмбер Херд в суде

      Johnny Depp began preparing for divorce with amber heard. The famous actor and his lawyer are going to provide the court with testimony from over 20 witnesses, which prove that the star of the movie “pirates of the Caribbean” does not beat his young wife. The conflict between the couple erupted in late may of this year. Amber heard has applied for her husband by appearing in public with bruises and abrasions that she allegedly caused Depp. Johnny denies this information.

      Scandalous divorce johnny Depp and amber heard: what really triggered it

      As witnesses will call the two officers who on may 21, came the call to the couple’s home. However, no traces of beatings amber they have not seen, as well as damages of furniture, which could occur as a result of fight. Five Concierge of the building where amber spent the next five days will confirm that the face of the actress was not covered with bruises. Two bodyguards who were nearby at the time of the quarrels of actors, confirmed that the couple were in different parts of the home, so Depp barely being able to hit a woman.

      Lawyer johnny Depp Laura Wasser hopes that the press Secretary amber Jody Gottlieb also testified. Her words are important because it was present at the meeting of the actress with a lawyer. Housekeeper couple Hilda Vargas talk about things, suddenly found in the house of Depp and heard. What is this, remains a secret.

      She heard will also be a witness, testifying in favor of the opposing party. During the investigation, Depp has forbidden to get close to amber, and in every way to seek contact with her even through their agents.

      In turn, amber hopes for a skilled job and good luck during the hearing. A few days ago, heard noticed in the company of billionaire Elon musk, founder of Tesla. Saw them at one of the clubs of London. Apparently, the girl is not concerned about the upcoming process. Wife of johnny Depp caught with a billionaire

      To survive a breakup with amber, johnny was completely immersed in work. The actor toured with the rock band Hollywood Vampires. The actor wanted nothing to remind him of a former lover, so he changed the tattoo to “slim”, which meant the nickname Hurd, on the words “scum”, which translates as “bitch”, “bastard” or “scum of society”.

      Recall that amber heard has filed for divorce to the court and demanded a former lover of financial support. However, Depp was against such a development. Then the actress decided to accuse him of physical abuse.

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