Johnny Depp is going to build underground tunnels between their houses

Джонни Депп собирается построить подземные туннели между своими домами

Johnny Depp has decided to combine two of their house in the Hollywood hills by tunnels. The artist, known for his extravagant way of life, a few years bought a property in Los Angeles, and now wishes to bind his whole estate in a single underground system.

“Johnny’s a few years bought a house in the hills. He has five of them, and he needs one more to tie them together and isolated from tourists and the curious, but the neighbor refuses to sell him his property” — said the insider, and added that Depp doesn’t like that past his house constantly carry tourists.
Recall that now the 53-year-old actor is suing his money managers, who, in his opinion, did not warn him about the dire financial situation, and also committed fraud by depriving it of a significant part of Finance and almost driven to bankruptcy. Depp had to sell a French village in which he was going to spend old age, otherwise he would not have enough money to pay for production needs.
In turn, the company was quick to refute the statements of johnny and blame the actor for extravagance. Supposedly Depp used to count money and live large. For example, only wine he spends thirty thousand dollars a month, what can we say about the rest of the star needs. By the way, on the purchase of 14 homes around the world, Depp has spent more than $ 75 million.