Джонни Депп: «Надеюсь, развод с Эмбер будет быстрым»

Hollywood actor first commented on the breakup with his wife.

The sharp rise in oil prices has not caused such a stir in the press, as divorce johnny Depp and amber heard. Magazines from all over the world for several days now are full of headlines about the collapse of one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. Until today the sad news was based solely on hearsay and information from insiders. But today, the actors commented on the ending of their relationship.

Representative for the actor issued an official statement on behalf of Depp.

“Given the fragility of these relations (the actors were married about a year), and the recent tragic death of johnny’s mother, he will not respond to gossip, outright lies and misinformation about his personal life. Johnny hopes that the divorce will be quick”.

This opinion is shared by lawyers. They believe that the process may be delayed. Amber heard turned out to be a quirky girl and rumored to be demanded from johnny after the divorce to divide the property 50/50. And half of the state Depp’s, for a moment, $ 200 million. Of course, to pay Hurd a tidy sum for a few, albeit happy, months Depp is not ready. It seems that litigation is inevitable.

By the way, the second side of the high-profile divorce proceedings also did not remain silent. A source close to amber said that she was forced to file for divorce to take care of themselves. Probably a friend of the actress by this phrase meant an uneasy relationship Hurd and family of Depp. According to one version, they were the reason for the separation of the pair.

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