Джонни Депп надеется, что больше никогда не увидит Эмбер Херд

Hollywood actor johnny Depp after a scandalous divorce with his wife amber heard more hopes never to meet her on your path of life. Hassle and a closer look of the press has tired the artist, he decided to pursue a musical career in the band “Hollywood Vampires”.

“The only thing that johnny wants is to play music and stay as far away from amber. He is very happy that amber is finally lit and hopes that you will never see” — said the insider.
Recall that Depp and heard have been very quick to resolve all disputes because of the 7 million dollars that johnny after the divorce, will pay ex-wife. In his statement, amber promised every penny spent on charity (by the way, asked for it first, 8 million, but johnny managed to bargain).
Yesterday in the Network got a video of a drunken, raging man, like for Depp. The video was filmed amber, but the woman insisted that it is not implicated in its spread. Later in the Internet appeared photo of the damaged finger of the actor. Remember the trauma that johnny has made, acting in the sequel to “Pirates of the Caribbean” in Australia? So it happened then. The actor, who is considerably older than his wife, jealous of her sleeping with Billy Bob Thornton and in a fit of rage (so says amber) hurt his finger. For several days he never went to the doctor almost lost a phalanx..
One can only imagine what the trump card was in the sleeve of the actress, if hitherto recalcitrant husband without hesitation gave her “for charity” the same amount of money.

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