Джонни Депп подал в суд на Эмбер Херд

Hollywood actor johnny Depp, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” penny extra will not give his ex-wife amber heard which with the great scandal got divorced this summer. The artist didn’t want to say goodbye to the blood, but when one spouse after the other was to spread the evidence of his outbursts of aggression, laid out seven million dollars, but would not see her ever again.

But cooled down a bit, johnny decided to reduce received by the wife amount. Depp has filed a lawsuit against Hurd, demanding to compensate to it the court costs and attorney fees, and it is – not more nor less than one hundred thousand dollars.
The trial, started amber, Depp calls “totally unnecessary”. In General, lawyers have cost johnny a million dollars and more, and no wonder – the actor hired to protect one of the most famous and expensive Hollywood attorneys specializing in divorce – Laura Wasser.
Requirements johnny, if amber does not repay the required amount within ten days, he will deduct it from the amount of the compensation, which, by the way, Depp was never paid.
Recall that during the recent events, dedicated to the victims of violence, amber said that she was frustrating and humiliating to feel like a victim, but she was able to take himself in hand and now ready to help victims at the hands of a domestic tyrant as she is.