Johnny Depp has filed a counter-suit on amber heard

Джонни Депп подал ответный иск на Эмбер Херд

Amber heard and johnny Depp came to a peaceful agreement about their divorce back in the summer of this year. Then the couple decided that Depp pays heard financial compensation in the amount of 6.8 million dollars, and in exchange, the actress stops talking anywhere about the assault on the part of the actor and his addiction to alcohol.

It would seem that the issue is resolved. But to realize this plan was much more complicated than to discuss it.

Since then, as johnny agreed to payment, it has been several months, but the actor and transferred the money to the account of the ex-wife. Amber not so long ago went to court with a request to summon ex-spouse to answer and demanded that Depp has paid her the full amount (6.8 million dollars) one-time in full. But johnny, this situation did not suit and he found his reason refused to do so in the future. Amber wrote an essay about domestic violence, which stars “Pirates of the Caribbean” took to his account. Now Depp says that the terms of the contract have been violated, and therefore he owes nothing.

More more! Johnny sued amber with a demand to pay him 100 thousand dollars as compensation for his material costs on lawyers. This amount, according to the artist, he treated the last “unnecessary” proceedings, arranged on the initiative of the herd (when she demanded “all at once”). So let Hurd and pay for this attraction, decided johnny. The conditions of the Depp are as follows: if amber within 10 days won’t put him the money, he will deduct that amount from those 6.8 million.