Джонни Депп избавился от тату, посвящённой Эмбер Херд

During one of the recent performances of the band “the Hollywood vampires”, which is the star of the film “pirates of the Caribbean” johnny Depp, the actor, who was in the middle of a divorce with his wife, amber heard, showed their attitude. On the hand, Depp was clearly evident that the tattoo, which he once dedicated to the once beloved woman has changed.

Previously on the hand of johnny sported the words “slim” or “slim”. So he once affectionately called her. Now place this line appeared the word “scum” which can be translated as “rubbish”.
Fan johnny managed to upload pictures with a new tattoo artist in the social network, and it instantly spread around the world. Such an interesting way Depp will probably decide to show what he thinks of the herd.
We will remind that recently the actor categorically determined not to say a word about yet another legal spouse in an interview, and this whole messy divorce and the beating (if there was such, of course). During a recent conversation with journalists, the artist talked about music, film and plans for the future, but warned the reporter not to say a word about amber.
By the way, this is not the first time johnny alters tattoo dedicated to beloved women. So, the tattoo “Winona Forever”, dedicated to Depp’s fiancée Winona Ryder, which was not destined to be his wife, after separation, the actor has changed to “Wino Fofever” (“Booze forever).

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