Джонни Депп попал в расистский скандал из-за рекламы духов

No less legendary and controversial actor johnny Depp became the center of another trouble. Due to filming in advertising perfume from the fashion house “Dior” actor accused of racism.

Джонни Депп попал в расистский скандал из-за рекламы духов

Johnny Depp is not the first time advertising spirits, type celebrity favors to elegant angles and shots filled with the luxury and fragrance of expensive perfumes. Recently, Depp has become the face of the advertising roller of the new perfume “Sauvage” by Dior fashion house.

Unfortunately, the world did not appreciate not only the efforts of the actor, but the creators of the video. The creators and Depp has rolled a wave of criticism. And all this just after the release of a short teaser! Dior decided not to publish the full version of the promotional video after the mass of accusations against him.

After seeing the teaser, people began to accuse Dior racism and exploitation of native American culture.

Джонни Депп попал в расистский скандал из-за рекламы духов

In the video johnny played guitar in the desert, while his co — actor from the Sioux tribe that lives on a reservation “Rosebud”, performed a dance in traditional Indian headdress and outfit.

Interestingly, the name of the fragrance “Sauvage” can be translated as “savage.” This caused dissatisfaction among the public — people think that over the indigenous peoples of North America just laughed, imagining their life as it was many decades ago, seeing in them the development and adoption of the benefits of the modern world.

Johnny Depp, who strongly disagree with such an estimation of spectators, became the protector of the brand.

“The film was made with great respect not only to the indigenous peoples of America, but around the world. It is unfortunate that the people hastened to criticize it. But it is their legitimate right. I can assure that nobody used. The film was made with lots of love to the Indians in order to shed light on their lives. We will come to an agreement that everyone was happy, ” said Depp.

In addition, one of the complaints to the advertising campaign was the fact that Depp was in it as Indian, even though he is not.

However, this claim is unfounded. Several years ago, the actor became an honorary member of the Comanche tribe and even got an Indian name is MA Wu, Mei — “werewolf”. In addition, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has repeatedly said that among his ancestors there were Indians from the Cherokee and Creek.

Recently in the centre of a similar scandal and reality show star Kim Kardashian. So, at the end of June Kim presented his first collection of clothes called “Kimono”. But the representatives of Japan is not liked. According to them, the name offends their national costume, because the kimono is closed the clothes, which are quite similar to linen.

Despite the fact that the list of goods of the brand is the real kimono Kim Kardashian could release later, her fans from Japan insisted in renaming the brand. In Instagram even started a flash mob against Kim: many have begun to publish their pictures in a kimono under the hashtag #KimOhNo. Among the “protesters” were the mayor of the Japanese city of Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa, who even sent Kim an official letter with a request to rename a brand of lingerie and to come to Japan to see the culture and level of development.

Kardashian still listened to the requests of fans and not only flew to Japan, but also started looking for alternative names for your collection. Its subscribers in Instagram, she offered to come up with a new name. Two months later, the celebrity was renamed the line of underwear “Skims Solutionwear”.

— My fans and subscribers really inspire me — I always listen to their feedback and opinions. I am so grateful that they shared their ideas about the new brand. After much deliberation I am pleased to announce the launch of “Skims Solutionwear,” wrote Kim in his Instagram.

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