Johnny Depp doesn’t like the boyfriend of his daughter

Джонни Деппу не нравится бойфренд его дочери

Sixteen-year-old daughter of johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Lily-rose considers himself old enough to choose their own bearers. OK, they may older than her and already had behind him a failed marriage and children?

A few weeks ago paparazzi caught arriving at the airport Vanessa Paradis, her children and prospective son-in-law. The beloved Lily-rose, the male model ash stymest to 24 years. The couple had been seen several times not only in the company of the mother of the girl, but also with her aunts and other relatives. Obviously, a young man firmly entrenched in the family of his beloved, but not all, relatives of the Lily-rose likes him. The model’s father and so shocked that his little girl so early matured, and now fiance got.
Sources close to the family report that johnny doesn’t like ash, his love of parties and alcohol (not the Depp of thirty years ago?). He’s mad at Vanessa and finds her guilty is that she indulges every whim of a minor daughter.
“Johnny’s really pissed. He had an argument with Vanessa because of this, and even with Lily-rose was posconflicto because of the ash. Johnny believes that he is no match for his daughter and asks her to leave the boyfriend, but Lily-rose went with nature in the father and is not going to leave ash, which is very similar to the Depp in his youth,” — said the insider.

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