Джонни Депп опозорился на съемках
The actor was not a hero.

Johnny Depp, who starred in real
time in the film, “Richard Says Goodbye”
proved to be not the best way. The fact that the actor, who
free movie time delivers
a group of “Hollywood vampires” and cultivates the image of a dashing rocker, which all
uneasy, scared… the usual Swan!

Depp, who in January of this
year made procedure tainted his reputation with the divorce process
Amber heard has got to the aforementioned film starring role. He plays
a University Professor, who suddenly finds out that incurable
ill. Hero johnny decides to stay
the rest of his life as he wants. He refuses a healthy lifestyle —
begins to drink and smoke and also decides to tell everyone in person what
he thinks about them… And to do what
he pleases. Therefore, the fact that the character
Depp on a hot day decided to swim in the pond wearing a suit and tie,
you should not be surprised. But the fact that johnny was scared of the Swan, which the script needs
was to swim in the pond, puzzled and amused fellow actor on the set

The bird fell into a small riot due to the fact that its tied to prevent attempts to leave. She started
desperately flapping wings and rushing around the pond. And then johnny, who
had to go into the water, refused to do so. The actor said that Lebed threat, and while the bird
not calm, it will not work… Then johnny plucked up courage and went was
pond, but as soon as his feathered partner shooting began again to raise
wave, Depp, fled, prompting laughter watching the scene colleagues.