Джонни Депп назвал Эмбер Херд «дрянью» Hollywood actor recently changed the tattoo made in memory of a former lover. Apparently, Depp’s hurt to remember about the relationship with amber. Now the hand of the actor is decorated with the inscription “scum”. Many journalists believe that this word was chosen for a reason johnny.

      Джонни Депп назвал Эмбер Херд «дрянью»

      53-year-old American actor johnny Depp recently made a public gesture towards his ex-wife amber heard. According to foreign media reports, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” went to the tattoo parlor, where he asked to change a tattoo with the nickname ex-lover.

      On the fingers of the right hand Depp was the inscription “slim”, so-called amber’s close friends. Now, however, the body of johnny no longer adorns the reminder of the Hollywood blonde. More recently, celebrities have new tatuirovka “scum”, which translates as “bitch”, “bastard” or “scum of society”.

      Scandalous divorce johnny Depp and amber heard: what really triggered it

      By the way, earlier Depp had “killed” tattoo made them as a sign of love to their life partner. After breaking up with Winona Ryder the inscription “Winona forever” (“Winona Forever”) on the right hand of an actor transformed into “Wine forever” to”Wino Forever”).

      We also recall that in late June, the actor gave his first interview after her divorce from amber heard. In it, he refrained from comments about one of the most notorious recent scandals involving celebrities. Instead, Depp spoke about his musical activities in a group of Hollywood Vampires.

      By the way, not so long ago the team of the actor returned from a long tour of Europe. Immediately after his return, hastened to hide from media attention on a private island located in the Bahamas archipelago. There star visited not only its successors, but the ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. And after a rest in the distant tropics, the actors with children together returned to the United States.

      Earlier Vanessa Paradis defended her ex-husband. The actress sent a letter to one of the largest Western media about celebrities. It Vanessa called Depp a loving, soft and loved her man. Star also claims that for 14 years he never laid a hand on her, and the words heard have nothing to do with reality.

      Something similar in regard to Depp also said his daughter Lily-rose and first wife of actor Lori Anne Allison. The heiress johnny wrote in his Instagram that her dad is the sweetest person in the world who has always treated his children with great care. According to the girl, anyone knows her daddy can vouch for this.

      Vanessa Paradis came to the defense of johnny Depp

      Recall that the divorce johnny Depp and amber heard became known in late may. Then the actress filed documents in court and demanded a former lover of financial support. But the actor refused to provide it. Then in the course went heavy artillery — amber said about marital violence. The hearing on this case will be held in Los Angeles in mid-August.

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