Джонни Депп обвиняет Эмбер Херд в тщеславии

Johnny Depp and amber heard announced their desire to divorce in may of 2016. It’s already 2017, and the pair continues to be tormented by each other’s courts and proceedings. It would seem that everything has long been resolved – Depp signs the divorce papers and pay heard 7 million of compensation, if amber stops anywhere and everywhere to talk about marriage with johnny and domestic violence, which she had allegedly been subjected. But simply to force the actress to remain silent does not work. Not long ago, Hurd published an essay, in which he shared details of his troubled life. Note that the names amber did not call, but they are obvious if to remember that before about her marriage she said.

Then, Depp said he would not pay amber a penalty due to the fact that she violated the terms of their contract. The actress has again filed a lawsuit with a demand to pay $ 7 million. “Johnny did not fulfill its commitments to me. I wanted a quick solution to this issue, in order to meet with Depp. Unfortunately, johnny and his lawyer, it seems, would like to extend the trial”, said Hurd.

Now patience johnny bursts. Representatives of the actor said that it is not they, namely the Hurd is looking for a way to spend more time on the covers, and thereby once again draw the attention of the media, because anything else it society not yet remembered: “Her request is absolutely not appropriate in accordance with the law, she makes a last effort to attract the attention of the media. From the beginning amber is trying to attract more people to divorce with Depp”.