Джонни Депп и Эмбер Херд договорились об условиях развода The couple managed to reach an agreement. Johnny Depp give amber heard a considerable sum of money. Fiancee of Hollywood actor wished him all the best and intends to give the proceeds for charity.

      Джонни Депп и Эмбер Херд договорились об условиях развода

      For several months the world is watching the divorce of Hollywood actor johnny Depp with his wife amber heard. After the loud statements of the woman that she was a victim of domestic violence, followed suit in the court in the divorce case. Spouse star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” sought to bring the scandal of the General public, and therefore didn’t hide any details of the breakup with the actor.

      Now it became clear that spouses were able peacefully to settle the conflict. As reported by the Western media, Depp has agreed to pay seven million dollars to the former wife as compensation. After that johnny and amber made a statement in which he told about the old love to one another.

      “Our relationship was incredibly passionate and occasionally volatile but always based on love” – said the couple and added that they were not false accusations to each other for financial gain.

      To the public the news of the divorce with the shocking details was a real surprise. For the past several years johnny and amber are believed one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. “They are both temperamental and capricious nature, with its own opinion on any issue,” said the people around the couple. – Views do not often coincide, and people with strong characters it is always hard to admit wrong or to take the first step towards reconciliation. Worse yet, johnny and amber are stubborn and have a tendency to dramatize”.

      Amber heard has presented new evidence against johnny Depp

      However, in the Internet appeared the terrible images of beatings, which had left after a quarrel between the spouses. As was stated by the actress, her husband threw her cell phone. As a result, her beautiful face appeared terrible bruises. Amber did not hide that for a short period of time that the spouses have lived in marriage between them quite often, emerging conflicts, and Hollywood actor once raised a hand to his beloved. Hurd admitted that her partner beat her, and dragged by the hair. Now, receiving as compensation a lump sum from Depp, Hurd is ready to give money to good causes.

      “Amber wants johnny in the future all the best. Amber will give the funds that went in the divorce to charity”, – quotes the words of the message TMZ.

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