Джонни Депп опять в зале суда: на этот раз он судится со своими адвокатами

Джонни Депп опять в зале суда: на этот раз он судится со своими адвокатами

56-year-old Hollywood actor johnny Depp appears in a courtroom more often than on the set. For several years all the fans watching his litigation with his ex-wife amber heard. But this time he had problems with his lawyers, who filed for him in court.

To establish a relationship with ex-his lawyers, Depp managed much faster than with ex-wife. It became known that the actor was able to figure out all the relationships for one trial. Three former lawyer johnny working in a law firm, accused him that the man refuses to pay bills for their services. These three professionals were hired Depp in 2017, when he went on trial with the previous lawyer Jake bloom. Most interesting is that with Jake he has worked successfully for 18 years and still they sold very poorly. In the summer of 2018 three lawyers managed to win the case on this issue and Depp no longer need their services immediately dismissed all three. And in may 2019 legal company put forward to the actor claim that attorney’s fees were never paid. The amount that goes in the lawsuit is 350 thousand dollars.

Last week, a conversation between the current celebrity lawyer and law firm, over the phone, they agreed about a solution to the problem. Depp will be required to pay the required amount, but at the moment he has no financial resources, as soon as the account the money comes, he is obliged to close the debt to the three lawyers.

Edward white’s personal accountant Hollywood actor, confirmed all information at the expense of financial resources. By the way, he advised johnny to dismiss the former three lawyers to cut costs.

Perhaps it was a rash decision, because then life Depp was not in the best way and he still needs a lawyer. In February 2020, he will have to answer in court in Virginia, there will be a hearing about his accusations towards amber heard. Recall that johnny filed for ex-wife because he believes that she slandered him of domestic violence.

The court should have been held much earlier in February, but lawyers for Mr. Hurd asked for a delay, as there isn’t enough information about the treatment of Depp at their disposal. The court resolved to postpone the date of the hearing and scheduled a hearing for February. Earlier it was said that the actor does not hide the right data, and have long passed all the medical reports to lawyers amber.

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