John Travolta prefers massage therapists-men

Джон Траволта предпочитает массажистов-мужчин

After the leaked rider Hollywood actor John Travolta the hotels where it stops, press again, there were rumors about gay star of “pulp fiction”.

For 62-year-old actor is a very important privacy and the cleanliness of the rooms, but it is not the most important “buzz” of the artist. So no one can consider the star body of John, he orders all the Windows to close the aluminum foil. Travolta can’t stand the smell of strangers (as a bright representative of the Church of Scientology, John doesn’t use perfume), so the room must be vacated by the previous guests not for a few hours, and at least one day before check in. Naturally, a room must be not just clear, but very, very clean. Fussy-actor can check the corners for dust not worse revizorro.
And here is the juicy detail of the conditions list: massage therapists, assigned to the artist, to be exclusively male. How here not to recall the scandal a few years ago. Then, several therapists said about sexual harassment by the actor. A few months later they retracted their words, Travolta’s lawyer called the accusations “ridiculous” and such that are not true, and the prosecutors called “the Blackmailers”.
Recall that for the past 25 years since John Travolta married to Kelly Preston.

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