John Terry: his wife. Personal life

John Terry: his wife. Personal life

Footballer John Terry is known not only for the victories that he brought his team, but also a tumultuous personal life. He says that during the relationship with his wife was cheating on her more than 8 times. It is difficult to imagine how John’s wife Terry is a stand up.

Official wife

In 2000, fate brought John with his future wife named Tony. Six years later after discovering they had adorable twins Jordy and summer. And in 2007 the couple were married. A significant event was celebrated on the yacht of Roman Abramovich, who owns the club “Chelsea”.

John Terry: his wife. Personal life

John and his wife Tony

The private life of John Terry and his lover seemed almost perfect. This illusion was maintained, while in 2010 there was a loud scandal.

Communication with Vanessa Perroncel

Wayne bridge is a colleague of John’s and also played in England. His beautiful wife Vanessa working in modeling business, has attracted the attention of John Terry, and he literally took her away from the family.

John Terry: his wife. Personal life


The fact that the model slept not only with Terry, but also with many other athletes became known later. And in that moment the press was full of headlines about the fact that the marriage of the Bridge and Perroncel destroyed. Consequences for the player, convicted of treason, too, was not pleasant. What about his connection with another man’s wife, it became known, stripped Terry of the captain for a few months.

Wayne bridge announced that he would not play for England while she is Terry.

Love scandals involving Terry

As mentioned above, John Terry admitted that his personal life was other girls in that time, when he met with Tony.

Nikola Ulian

Nikola was best known as a member of adult films. The player is not confused nor its reputation, nor the fact that the woman was older than him by several years. Their romance was fairly long but it is worth mentioning that Nikola was in full confidence that John is not anyone else but her. However, it turned out to be a fraud. At that time, Terry already was in a relationship with Tony, where he promised to marry.

John Terry: his wife. Personal life

Nikola Ulian

Karina Clark

Next novel John Terry spun too pornographic actress. Her name was Karina Clark. She starred for “Playboytv”.

John Terry: his wife. Personal life

Karina Clark

Acquaintance happened in the bar where you both got drunk. As a result, by morning they were in the same bed. Unlike the previous affair and was not about any feelings on the part of John or Karina. They are only a few times have a nice time in the company of each other. But it hardly justifies the betrayal of Tony with which John had been Dating for more than four years.

Shalimar Wimbl

With the model, who shocked his imagination, Terry met at a party. He attended the event along with Wayne Bridge, who then still thought of John as a friend. The player gave Shalimar a cocktail, and then begged to spend the night with him, but the model did not agree. She understood that the invitation is for one night and didn’t want to get involved in any adventure. Terry left with nothing, but three months later he was found with Shalimar Wimbl again, and then she could not resist his charisma. They had been Dating for only a few months before the mistress learned of the existence of Terry’s bride.

Then she left him with the words: “I feel sorry for his bride.”

Jenny Barker

This story is in the degree of controversy almost equal to the one that was linked to Vanessa Perroncel. Seventeen-year-old fan came up to the idol to ask for an autograph, and that instead of the usual signature gave her my phone number.

John Terry: his wife. Personal life

Terry signing autographs

Of course, Jenny was in seventh heaven and soon wrote to him. A few months later they were sitting in the backseat of his Bentley and were kissing. For obvious reasons, Terry claims that they never slept together.

Other events

The character of Terry can be described not only as a passionate, but short-tempered. Stories that the player was involved in a fight or allow himself to insert strong language in someone’s address, no one is surprised.

John Terry: his wife. Personal life

Terry often behaves provocatively

When the future star of the sport was still only twenty years old, he drunkenly mocked American tourists. It happened just a few days after the tragedy of the eleventh of September. Use the incident a terrorist act as a pretext for ridicule has left a negative impact on career Terry. So as not to undermine the reputation, he publicly apologized to the citizens of the United States who were touched by his words.

Unfortunately, it has not taught him many things, and a year later, Terry’s name was again associated with conflict, caused by his inappropriate behavior. Again, being drunk, he was chosen as the victim for the abuse of the security guard of night club, where vacationing with friends. The quarrel developed into a fight for which the player was taken to the police station. As punishment, he was temporarily suspended from participation in the matches of his team.

The following story is not directly linked to by John Terry, however, gives some idea of the environment in which he grew up. In 2010, his father was arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

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