John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh getting ready for the wedding

Джон Стамос и Кейтлин МакХью готовятся к свадьбе

The star of the show “er” John Stamos, who played there the character of Tony gates and star of the TV series “the vampire Diaries” Kathleen McHugh after two years of relationship got engaged and are preparing for the wedding. The actor said about it putting the photo on instagram.

Джон Стамос и Кейтлин МакХью готовятся к свадьбе

“I asked her a question… and she said Yes! We are happy as ever,” written by John under the cute photo. He posted the picture purple colours, where the girl and guy are standing in front of the castle “Disneyland”. He tied his relationship with the tale. A little later, John put the photo in retro style, where he and his lover are the backs of the ears of Mickey mouse.

Джон Стамос и Кейтлин МакХью готовятся к свадьбе

These photos were taken in the theme of Walt Disney cartoons not just because it is in this fabulous place, he proposed to his beloved. The actor put all his strength and imagination that would make the presentation more creative, and brighter. The official representative of the star told about that, how was the offer for a TV show Good Morning America.

“He put together the most romantic moments from the cartoons of Disney and Pixar in the video,” says Laura Spencer. “All this he ended with Sebastian from “the little Mermaid”, who says to John “Just ask the girl.”

“She said Yes and we’re just happy for both of them.” added Laura, “He long time was single. I think he has gathered a lot of ideas that he would like to make a reality.”

Джон Стамос и Кейтлин МакХью готовятся к свадьбе

54 year old actor in the shower still a child, because he’s a big fan of animated cartoons, especially Disney. “When I lived not far from him in Los Angeles, I saw that his back yard was a large letter “D” from the name Disney.” said the representative of the actor to the audience on the TV show “Good morning America. His date Caitlin also share a love of Disney works and as reported by the actor himself, she loves the song “Disney girls”.

The actor admitted that despite the fact that the pair carefully hid their relationship, which began in 2016, fans found out. He admitted that he often called the girl on FaceTime on the stage, causing the fans began to ask many questions.

The couple met back in 2011, when played together in one of the episodes of episodic TV series “Law and order. The special case”, though, and started only 5 years later. Caitlin told the publication Peoplе that doesn’t want to reveal your relationship and make available to the public. “We try to keep our personal life away from prying, as you can see, how to develop and how to end a relationship in public. We value our personal lives. We don’t want the public commenting on our relationship and talked, as they should be. We are very happy together, and hopefully always will be!” says Caitlin.

If McHugh’s first marriage, Stamos has managed to acquire a wife. He was married to actress Rebecca Romaine, with whom he lived 7 years, but in 2005 they terminated the contract.