John Mayer’s Katy Perry

Джон Мейер ищет встречи с Кэти Перри

Katy Perry broke up with her boyfriend Orlando bloom just a week ago, and her ex-boyfriend John Mayer already seeking meetings with her. According to the publication, RadarOnline, the man who once broke the singer’s heart, wants to make sure she’s okay.

“John is looking for meetings with Kathy ever since she learned that she broke up with Orlando. He wants to support her, to make sure she sho right” — said the insider.
Meanwhile, she, Katie, it seems not going to grieve for the lost relationship. On his page in the social network, she wrote:
“How about a new look at the relationship in 2017? You can be friends and even love of your ex partners! No one is neither a victim nor a tyrant. Take everything from life!”
We will remind that 39-year-old Meyer, meanwhile, is preparing to release their new album, “The Search For Everything Sony Music Publishing Latina”. Once this man called himself a “soul mate” Kathy, but, like many other men in her life, broke her heart. After rumors about the affair of John (probably not unfounded), the couple broke up.
“Everyone who knew them was sure that they will still be together until old age. Some friends Cathy still think he’s the best thing that had happened to her. She never stopped thinking about him” — said the insider.
Recall that Orlando Perry broke up after ten months and also on the basis of mistrust. Supposedly the singer several times caught bloom in a lie and realized that they are not on the way. They were last seen together at the ceremony, the Academy awards and after-party at Madonna. However, even then it was obvious that they are – strangers. Barely arriving at the house where the party took place, Katie and Orlando had gone their separate ways and haven’t really talked that night.