John legend helps former prisoners find employment

Джон Ледженд помогает трудоустроится бывшим заключённым

Famous singer John legend decided to help those who have stumbled in this life – celebrity initiated a Fund to help former prisoners. The Fund with the eloquent title “Futures Unlocked” (“future Unlocked”) will help to education those who decided to pursue a legal case after the release from places of deprivation of liberty.

“It is sometimes difficult to find a job and people who had problems with the law, but those who have left the prison walls, to find jobs is very difficult – don’t trust them. The only thing that can make these people to help themselves, to hire themselves to work. Together with Bank of America we decided to help these entrepreneurs” — said John on his initiative in an interview with Valerie Jarrett.
Recall now that John is intensively preparing for the first long tour “Darkness and Light”. It is noteworthy that to part with his wife, he does not intend to, so and wife Chrissy Teigen, and their year-old baby daughter will go on a tour together.