John Galliano is happy to do what you love

Джон Гальяно счастлив заниматься любимым делом

When the name of John Galliano rattled by the whole world, but cost the designer time to stumble and is now in the fashion world think about him only occasionally.

In 2011, the designer was ignominiously dismissed from his post as creative Director of Dior, and all because of the anti-Semitic comment that John allowed himself to give in one of the cafes of Paris.

Galliano staged a real witch hunt. He was fined $ 6440, and was deprived of the work which he had devoted himself. Many fashion houses refused to work with Galliano, but in 2014 he was accepted into the ranks of Maison Margiela.

How now says the fashion designer, he feels a lot better than after the incident: “I feel much freer with my sense of freedom and inspiration is at a higher level. Now I became more open. I feel more comfortable in their chaos,” says the designer.

“The industry has not changed – the impressions, the timing, the production – all the same. But my view has changed, the views on all of this. I no longer work for wear, you can go home early and not to think about what I was doing. I’m trying to find a balance. I would like to work more on their own terms. But not as much as before. Then it was incredibly tedious,” concluded Galliano.