Джон Брэдли признался, что роль в “Игре престолов” пагубно отразилась на его реальной жизни

Джон Брэдли признался, что роль в “Игре престолов” пагубно отразилась на его реальной жизни

The famous American actor John Bradley, who played in the “Game of thrones” the role of Samwell Tarly, admitted that after filming the series, his life has completely turned upside down. And if the other actors become more popular and known, that John is going through hard times.

The famous TV series filmed over 10 years, and John participated in all the seasons, so these years he devoted entirely to “Game of thrones”. So at the end of filming the actor had some health problems. John admitted that he still treats neurosis and problems of speech impediment.

The role of his character Sam included this point: during strong emotional experiences, the guy started to stutter. Now the actor can’t get rid of the addiction.

In a recent interview, Bradley shared his feelings: “I was trapped with Sam. He had a traumatic childhood, he has suffered a lot, and this is sometimes manifested through stuttering and jerking”.

Also, the actor admitted that very much accustomed to the role and so empathized with the hero, that actually could not say a particular phrase. In these moments it was no longer Sam, and John. The actor said that his stuttering could not survive even with friends who were on the set. Celebrity said that the whole cast and crew were great, the Playground is always friendly atmosphere, but to overcome his stutter even that did not help.

31-year-old actor is sure that this speech defect is associated with his role in “Game of thrones”, because until that moment he never had a problem. In addition, now, when he occasionally could not say a phrase to the end because of stuttering, he constantly denied new roles. All the auditions he fails, although the role fits perfectly.

At the moment John tries to solve this problem therapeutically, and hopes that things will change for the best.

However, after starring in the cult TV series, John managed to snatch a major role in the film “Marry me”. Comedy romance will be released in cinemas in 2020.

It is worth noting that John is not the only actor who psychologically suffered after filming in “Game of thrones”. His colleague and friend, actor, kit Harington for a long time could not recover. He is so accustomed to the role over 10 years that it was difficult to imagine that now he is no longer part of the series. Keith went into a deep depression where he had to go to a psychiatric hospital for several months for rehabilitation. At the moment, with the actor already everything is fine. We wish John a full recovery of speech.

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