Joe Jonas made an offer to Sophie Turner

Джо Джонас сделал предложение Софи Тернер

The team member all dnce proposed to his girlfriend Sophie Turner, best known for the role of Sansa stark in the TV series “Game of thrones” and the movie “X-Men”. The girl said “Yes”, saying this in his account in instagram.

Джо Джонас сделал предложение Софи Тернер

Guys reported such important news using the accounts on instagram. Sophie put the photo in black tones where you can see her hand with the wedding ring. The girl signed the picture, “I said, “Yes.”” Did the same thing and Joe, respectively, by signing, “She said, “Yes.””

The couple meets a year. For the first time about their romantic relationship began in October last year, when the guys were spotted together at a party in honor of the feast of the dead Halloween. Later they appeared at the concert pre-2016 EMAs in the Netherlands and more news portals began to talk about a possible relationship guys. They behaved very intimately. Two or three times, when I looked at them, they were kissing. Sophie constantly smiling, and he looked very cute,” said one of the guests of the concert who was sitting not far away and saw the cooing of the children.
In July of this year, Turner and Jonas appeared in the status of the pair at the premiere of one of the seasons of Game of Thrones. The secrecy of their relationship Sophie explained: “We live in the aquarium, where even ordinary things are transformed into infopovod.”

Джо Джонас сделал предложение Софи Тернер

This turn of events does not surprise fans who closely followed the life of the former ryzhevolosaya the natives of the North and former member of the group “Jonas Brothers”, although in anticipation of the 7th season of “Game of thrones” Sophie gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine, which talked about the cons of a relationship with John. In an interview she said that the attention they pair a bit annoying, because even the most simple things eventually become news headlines. Moreover, the girl did not share the nickname “Gopi” that their pair gave fans. She prefers “Move”. Nickname Sophie and her colleague on the series Maisie Williams, who plays her sister Arya gave fans as a symbol of their close friendship. “I prefer “, Move”. Relationships start and end, but friendship is forever.”

Recall that before the affair with one of the Jonas brothers, Sophie met up with guitarist James Mac-V, and the girlfriends Joe has managed to visit many beauty — from Gigi Hadid to Taylor swift. However, only beloved Turner he made the offer, especially so quickly.

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