Jodie foster: “the Profession of an actor is unnatural for humans

Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»
The legendary actress gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent in Le Cannet.

Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»

Jodie Foster


Winner of two Oscars jodie foster visited for the first time at the Cannes film festival at the age of 13 with the movie “Taxi driver” by Martin Scorsese, where she starred with Robert de Niro. The film received the highest award of the festival “Golden palm”, and Jody then unwittingly turned the spotlight on himself, because being fluent in French and easily answered questions from local journalists. And now, after exactly 40 years, foster came back to Cannes now with his own film, which she shot as a Director. With George Clooney and Julia Roberts in the lead roles.

— This year, in addition to the premiere of “Financial monster” in Cannes celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Silence of the lambs” and the 40th anniversary of “Taxi driver” — what kind of pictures rarely live for so many years and remain favorite. And you starred in both. Remember how at the age of 13 walked down the red carpet and charmed the local press for his knowledge of French?

— Perhaps it was. Many years have passed. (Laughs). Remember that all of then somehow made big eyes, when it became clear that I know French. “Taxi driver” I looked in this year twice as much. The first time a few days before the jubilee celebration, which was held in new York. My eldest son turned 18 and I decided that he was Mature enough to see this film. Both my son and watched “silence of the lambs,” the day of the anniversary, along with all. It’s funny to show their children that became a part of my past life. Don’t know, maybe I was too busy all the time, or just waiting until they are old enough to understand the difference between a mother, someone they know and actress, a star, and all that jazz. Now, I’m sure such a film could not be removed. No one would have given him money. After all that time was completely different. Those years I consider the Golden age of Hollywood. The budget “Taxi driver” – $ 1 million. Then it was a huge amount. Now everything depends on the business organization, global business. But, fortunately, there are other ways — not only in the Studio.

— Since you, of course, in Cannes there have been many times, but who brought the film, which was supposed to be different. Julia Roberts plays the role rewritten specifically for her. How did you get this job — with such stars, but still with the right to rewrite the script?

— Because from the very beginning in the project was George Clooney. And this name I opened all the doors and gates. (Laughs). But the heroine Julia has always been a woman. Just was very different. After I managed to persuade Julia, I had to make some changes. Her character became a person, can completely change the situation, and to save from death his colleague, the master of the show, played by Clooney. Often have to almost completely rewrite the role for Actresses, to make them more deep and interesting, so I it is well known ( Jody agreed to star in the movies “Elysium” and “Flightplan” only after the Studio gave permission to the script changes). Julia and George are both actors of the old school, if you know what I mean, in the movie, too, behave just like old times. Julia plays the producer of hero Clooney, who is taken hostage live. And she, she is, saves him, thanks to his character. And the fact that they are very similar. Could swap roles easily. I would love to see how Julia plays the role that was played by George Clooney. And Vice versa.

Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»

Jodie foster in “Taxi driver”

Photo: Kinopoisk

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  • Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»
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  • Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»
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  • Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»
    Jodie Foster


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Джоди Фостер: «Профессия актера противоестественна для человека»

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