Joan rivers was suicidal

Джоан Риверс задумывалась о самоубийстве

It’s been two years since journalist and TV host Joan rivers has passed on because of the ridiculous medical errors. However the accident turned out to be only accelerated the desire of the celebrities to go to the hereafter.

Insiders claim that the last few years, Joan, who seemed such a funny person, was deeply unhappy and there, he had talked about suicide. Because of unrequited love rivers twice attempted to take her own life and even got in a specialized clinic.
Due to boyfriend actor nick Clement, with whom Joanne and I broke up in the early ‘ 50s, rivers tried to throw himself out the window. This was stated by the journalist and close friend of the deceased celebrity Leslie Bennetts beach, on the pages of the publication “Vanity Fair” in the biographical essay “Last Girl Before Freeway”. From the window sill then pulled her father Mayer Molinski, after which Joan locked herself in the bathroom and continued hysteria.
The second time Joan tried to commit suicide in 1987 when her husband Edgar Rosenberg, umet overdose of medications (rumor has it that he committed suicide). Then the widow has decided that she has nothing to live for in this world and wanted to follow the example of her husband.
“She sat on the bed and was holding the gun tuning in suicide. Suddenly the Yorkshire Terrier spike jumped in her arms and sat down on the weapon. Terrible thoughts left her, Joan realized suddenly that this is a big mistake. Since then, she said that spike saved her life, “said Leslie.