Joan rivers scared fans after death

Джоан Риверз напугала поклонников после смерти

American actress and comedienne, stand-up comedian, TV presenter, screenwriter and producer, winner of Emmys and a Grammy, is known for its many appearances in various TV shows, and sarcastic comments about the stars of American show business, Joan rivers, died in the fall of 2014 at the age of 81 years.

Rivers led an active social life, including online. For two years the accounts of the actress was silent, but this Christmas everything changed.

Visit Joan on Twitter was posted holiday greetings. The post was accompanied by a picture, which the star is depicted in full dress at the Christmas tree.

Members rivers began to grasp at heart, and started to speculate that she’s actually alive. Others were inclined to the version of “Hello from the world”. However, whatever version of the emergence of a new post on the page rivers, who looked pretty scary, scary, even mystically.

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