Jlo broke up with Casper Smart due to infidelity

Джей Ло рассталась с Каспером Смартом из-за измен

Singer Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, choreographer Casper Smart broke up back in late August. Then both said that the decision to part was mutual, though in fact it appeared after the dancer refused to accompany her famous sweetheart on the social event, instead going with friends to Las Vegas for the fight Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.

Then Casper was trying to persuade Jennifer not to act rashly, but Lopez has already decided. And now it became known that preceded the breakup of infidelity Smart, and Lopez was caught several times beloved it.
“Jen broke up with him due to the fact that he cheated on her. For the first time this happened two years ago, but Casper insisted that it was an accident, and it will never happen again, but it doesn’t just happen – Jennifer she caught him red-handed. He begged her to return, but she decided not to give him a chance,” said the insider.
Meanwhile, Casper does not lose hope that Lopez will return to him. He told her he had changed, and now he’s another man, but Jennifer doesn’t believe him. moreover, recently on his social media page he posted a photo with Mexico, where he helped to remove the clip to his friend Wisin. Not without the crowd of half-naked girls, but it is not strongly predispose Lopez to reconciliation.