JK Rowling urged his readers not to donate money to orphanages

Джоан Роулинг призвала своих читателей не жертвовать деньги детским домам

The British writer Joan Rowling, founder of the charity Fund Lumos, urged not to donate a penny to orphanages. It sounds strange and somehow sacrilegious, but Joan is your answer.

“All the studies boil down to the fact that the worst thing you can do for a child is to send him to such a school. We all want to help children, and this is an honorable and very important job. However, sending him to the orphanage, you can only do harm. According to our data, about 90% of the children there lost their parents have at least one, but was given to the orphanage because of poverty or discrimination,” said Joan, and called for help specific families in need of support.
“We must do everything possible to help children to live with their parents. This is a solvable problem, we just need to change the consciousness. If we change consciousness we change lives,” said Joan.