JK Rowling stood up for Donald trump

Джоан Роулинг вступилась за Дональда Трампа

JK Rowling and Donald trump

World famous author JK Rowling stood on semitico Donald trump, who after his unflattering vyskazany about the UK almost became persona non grata on British soil.

Despite the fact that the author of the “Harry Potter” according to most of the speeches trump’s “unpleasant”, it is ready to support them in the case that a politician will ever appear in London. Rowling made this statement, speaking at the annual literary evening in new York.

Джоан Роулинг вступилась за Дональда Трампа
JK Rowling with one of her numerous awards

According to the writer, she personally finds trump’s “offensive and intolerable”, but his freedom to Express themselves also protects her own freedom to call him a bigot and a fanatic”.

If you think that you need to restrict someone’s freedom to Express themselves simply because the statements of the person you offended, then you are, in fact, stood on one step with tyrants. They imprisoned, tortured and killed others using the same excuses

said the novelist.

Rowling has long worn the title of the fierce enemy of censorship. This year she received an award from the Pen/Allen Foundation as a writer, “resisting repression in any form”.

Meanwhile, trump, who is now actively fighting for the U.S. presidency, has already managed to hurt the pride of many famous people — starting with Hillary Clinton and ending with Lena Dunham and Whoopi Goldberg.

Джоан Роулинг вступилась за Дональда Трампа
Donald trump in the heat of the race

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