JK Rowling said about the political background in the script for “Fantastic creatures”

Джоан Роулинг заявила о политической подоплеке в сценарии к «Фантастическим тварям»

Tomorrow, November 17, planned the Russian premiere of a new adaptation of the book by Joan Rowling “Fantastic beasts and where they live”. According to the British writer, previously she had not thought again to return the viewer to the world of the “Harry Potter”, but was unable to withstand the pressure of the fans of this series of novels.

As you know, in the “Fantastic creatures” will be told about events that happened long before the birth of Harry Potter. The majority of the story will tell about Newt Scamander.

Today Rowling made an unexpected confession, in the script for this film there is a political subtext: “the Story was invented three and a half years ago, and at that time I clearly portrayed what seemed to me, demonstrated the rise of populism in politics and a desire to disrupt the status quo. Of course, these issues remain relevant today.”

By the way, in the film we also will go into more detail about some of the characters from “Harry Potter”, in particular about Professor Dumbledore and his gay.

We will remind, some years ago, when Rowling told about this fact to the fans, they accepted the news graciously, noting that this could not be confirmed and generally in a fairy tale for children and adolescents such characters should not be.