JK Rowling has announced five new films from the universe of “Harry Potter”

Джоан Роулинг анонсировала пять новых фильмов из вселенной «Гарри Поттера»

JK Rowling is not only one of the most talented writers of our time, but also one of the richest in ideas on implementation of his novels. Needless to say about the film adaptation of a series of books about Harry Potter? Soon we will have new hope, no less an exciting journey that indirectly relates to the “Harry Potter”.

In November of this year, large screens will be released film adaptation of the book “Fantastic beasts and where they live” 2001 edition. We will remind, then this book was an addition to the main franchise.

Now, as the writer says, “Fantastic beasts” will be a separate story, which, she hopes, expects no less successful than Harry Potter.

Today it became known that instead of the previously promised three movies, we will have five paintings.

“I can confirm that will be removed five films,” said Rowling.

Recall that g launoy role was played by the winner of the award “Oscar” Eddie Redmayne.

Script writing, Rowling was unable to trust anyone, because I took it personally. By the way, the Briton will also be the author of the script of the sequel “Fantastic beasts…”.

Director will be David Yates, with whom Rowling had already had the experience over the four final installments of “Harry Potter”.

The action of the first spin-off set in new York 1920-ies. In the sequel, they are planning to talk about the more dark times of the Wizarding world.