JK Rowling called racists by those who do not like dark-skinned Hermione

Джоан Роулинг назвала расистами тех, кому не нравится темнокожая Гермиона

JK Rowling again repel the attacks of fans of the “Harry Potter” which not liking the actress, who plays Hermione in the theatrical production.

The fact that the role of a know-it-all Granger was approved by the British Noma Dumezweni is an actress with not European features and dark skin. Fans were outraged by the fact that thanks to this cast in the theatrical production will be the number of altered history of the “Harry Potter”.

Previously Rowling defended Dumezweni, wrote on Twitter that nowhere in the books Hermione is not described as “Europeans with a white skin”.

This time the review writer was more inclusive: “Based on my experience, I realized that the idiot remains an idiot. What can I say? This is our world. Noma was chosen, because it turned out better than others. There are a bunch of racists who insist that Hermione should be “white”. But I decided not to engage in polemics about it, just confident to say that Hermione could be black. I fully bless this idea and accepted it with delight.”

Preview performance of “Harry Potter and the cursed child” will begin today.

As reported by the producers of the production, the action takes place 19 years after the events of the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. At this time Potter working in the Ministry of magic and raising three school-age children.

Grown-up Harry in the play will play a 36-year-old actor Jamie Parker, and Ron Weasley — 34-year-old Paul Thornly.

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