Jimmy Kimmel revealed the secret of “Oscar”

Джимми Киммел раскрыл секрет «Оскара»

Following the ceremony of presenting one of the most prestigious movie awards will be Jimmy Kimmel. The TV star has already started preparing for important and responsible work which he laid the American film Academy, and have already revealed one of the secrets of “Oscar”.

So, 49-year-old Kimmel told reporters about how much it costs to hold a ceremony.

According to the presenter, his fee for this work will amount to all of 15 thousand dollars. A small remark: in the year Jimmy earns about $ 10 million.

“Not sure, can I disclose this information or not, but anybody did not forbid me. So it’s their fault,” said the presenter in his defense for accidentally blurted out. By the way, despite the small, by the standards of Jimmy, the fee for hosting the Oscars, he’s glad he at least has something to pay: “I think just illegal not to pay for the work.”