Джимми Киммел назвал свое выступление на «Оскаре» провалом

Last weekend, the 89-th ceremony of awarding the main movie awards – the “Oscars”. Interesting points this evening were many, but most of all the audience and spectators at screens remembered the final moment of celebration – the advertisement is not the nominee the winner in the category “Best film”. Recall, the best film was “Moonlight”, but due to a mix up with the envelopes, the winner was named “La La land”.

The blame for what happened assumed the master of ceremonies Jimmy Kimmel.

He said from the stage that he mixed up the envelopes, and instead to take the envelope the category “Best film”, he took it and gave Warren Beatty the envelope, which was specified by the winner in the category “Best actress. It, recall, was Emma stone for her role in the musical “La La land”.

According to Kimmel, it was a very stressful evening for him, because he no longer intends to participate in anything like that. In the final film, the comedian said that he was sure that “fucked on stage” and called his speech a failure.

Kimmel promised that he will never assume the role of facilitator.

We, by the way, it seems that Jimmy led the ceremony quite well, therefore the future, to write him off is not worth it.

Recall that for this evening, Kimmel has earned 15 thousand dollars.