Jim Carrey will make the mother of the deceased beloved to pay for libel

Джим Керри заставит мать погибшей возлюбленной заплатить за клевету

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey in a matter of months has turned from a cute guy, who lost his beloved Catriona Whites into a villain, infecting her with a venereal disease, and concealing his guilt.

Recall that the mother of the dead Brigitte Swetman due to the suicide girls have filed a lawsuit against former lover of Katrina Jim Carrey, claiming that he had infected Whites sexually transmitted disease, but concealed the existence of those. He accused Catriona in debauchery and that was the main reason of their separation and her suicide. Mother Whites said they agreed to publicly apologize to the actor and take his claim, if he will publish the test results done in January 2014.
For unknown reasons, Jim refused to do so and filed a countersuit in a Los Angeles court. According to documents filed in court, Kerry accused the would-be mother-in-law of slander and demanded that she 372700 dollars in compensation. Jim is sure that he will win the case, and stated that the mother of Catriona have to pay for his obviously successful trial. So, in 10 thousand dollars he estimated the maintenance cost of the trial, 85700 – expenses for witnesses, 190 000 – funds for the work of experts and expertise, training needs of transcription, the cost of the video process, etc..
Lawyers Sweetman have already called this claim of blackmail and soon will report on their further actions.