Jim Carrey will answer in court in the case of suicide sweetheart

Джим Керри ответит в суде по делу о самоубийстве возлюбленной Mother and ex-husband Katrina white accused the actor that he supplied the girl with drugs, overdose of which she died. According to them, Kerry was a sweetheart infected with sexually transmitted diseases. The hearing on the case is scheduled for April 26, 2018.
Джим Керри ответит в суде по делу о самоубийстве возлюбленной

The ex-girlfriend of American comedian killed himself in the fall of 2015. Jim Carrey was very upset by the loss, and at the funeral he was a pallbearer of Katrina. However, the relatives of Wight believe that the idol of millions responsible for the deaths of the girls.

Previously, the mother of the deceased, Briggita Sweetman accused the actor that he gave Catriona three diseases, sexually transmitted. In her opinion, Jim was afraid of publicity, so he forced the girl to hide the diagnosis. Ex-husband white mark Burton and is confident that the comedian had purchased medication for her under the fictitious name of Arthur king. When her body was found, there were bottles of pain pills “Propranolol” and “percocet”. According to the doctors, it was from an overdose of drugs and died beloved Kerry.

Джим Керри ответит в суде по делу о самоубийстве возлюбленной

Mark Burton filed a lawsuit on 19 September 2016, 11 October, a similar statement was made and the mother of the deceased. According to the website, My News LA.com the Supreme court in Los Angeles after a long consideration of the documents, decided that the final hearing will be held on 26 April 2018. Controversial circumstances, according to Western journalists, will lead to the fact that the actor will have to spend at least a month in court.

The Hollywood celebrity lawyer Raymond Boucher had previously filed a motion to dismiss, but received an official refusal. Later, he noted that the process will be extremely painful for his client, as Kerry really loved miss white. In his opinion, the hype around the litigation caused by the desire of relatives of the deceased to extract material benefits.

Recall that the actor met with Catriona in 2012. Despite a decent age difference, the couple began a serious relationship that was interrupted. In September 2015, beloved finally parted, and it soon became known that the girl killed herself. Now Jim Carrey is rarely seen in public, and fans of the actor have noted that litigation had exhausted their idol, visibly aged him.