Джима Керри обвинили в причастности к смерти любовницы

Yesterday, a widower who died from an overdose of medicine Katrina white has accused Hollywood actor that he was involved in her death, because for a long time met with a woman behind him.

Yesterday, the widower mark Burton has filed a lawsuit against actor Jim Carrey, accusing him in the death of his wife, whom he had met behind his back.

According to the man, Hollywood star inspired the dead woman the need to take medications that are addictive and contribute to the death.

“Jim Carrey used his wealth and celebrity status to illegally obtain and distribute drugs are highly addictive, and in this case deadly psychotropic drugs whose use is under control”, – said the widower.

He also noted that his wife had long suffered from depression and suicidal feelings, and her lover Jim Carrey is perfectly aware of this, but instead to persuade her to turn to the experts. provided her with illegal drugs.

The actor, in turn, said that the accusations against him is a lie and a way to cash in on his name.

“I will not allow the heartless to speculate on me and the woman I loved. At cat’s problems began long before we met her, and they only led to a tragic end. I really hope that soon people will stop trying to capitalize on what happened,” said Jim Carrey edition People.

28-year-old makeup artist Catriona white, recall, died from overdose of drugs in September 2015, shortly after the breakup with Jim Carrey. In the suicide note, the young woman recognized the actor in love.

“I can’t believe you’re not around. I could try to move on and try to mend a broken heart. I could, but I don’t have the strength and desire…” – stated in the message Catriona.

Kerry and Whites with breaks of several months met from 2012 to 2015.