Джим Керри требует денег от матери умершей возлюбленной

New disgusting twist to the proceedings between Jim Carrey and mother dead beloved Katrina white Brigitte Sweetman. Star ribbon “Dumb and dumber” requires that in the case of losing the case, the girl’s mother paid him 372 thousand dollars.

Recall that the mother of Catriona Jim blames the suicide of his daughter, who committed suicide in 2015. She filed a lawsuit in the superior court of California and pointed out that Kerry gave her a whole bunch of venereal diseases, and then was accused of immorality and thrown. A few days later, on 28 September 2015, Catriona swallowed his pills, carelessly left in her home and died from an overdose.
Before suicide she wrote a last message on Twitter: “Unsubscribe from Twitter. I hope I was a light to their loved ones. Sending you peace and love”
Then Jim seemed heartbroken. He shed tears publicly lamented, and even was a pallbearer at the funeral of Catriona in Ireland. The claim of the mother white was a bombshell – nobody could not have imagined that the famous actor has played a fatal role in the death of Catriona.
As evidence of guilt, Kerry Bridget leads a suicide note, and demands that Jim has made public the results of the tests that they did with Catriona in January 2015. Mrs. Swetman sure that the actor hid their results and slukavil, accusing Catriona in a dissolute way of life.