Джим Керри поцеловался в засос с мужчиной

The famous actor, star of many Comedy films, including “Mask” and “Dumb and dumber” Jim Carrey recently lost a lot of weight, started acting strange… and kissed passionately the man on the red carpet in Toronto! The comedian gave weird comments to reporters, saying that he himself does not exist in life means nothing. The fans there are a lot of versions that could explain this strange behavior of the famous actor.

Джим Керри поцеловался в засос с мужчиной

The comedian visited the 42nd Toronto Film Festival on 11 September, where he kissed a man on the red carpet. The actor attended the premiere of the documentary film “Jim and Andy’s: a posthumous story of Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman”. In the audience Jim noticed a middle-aged man, who was dressed in the manner of Tony Clifton, one of Kaufman’s characters. Kerry, apparently, could not restrain his emotions and kissed the man in front of everyone.

Fashion week in new York also were not without surprises. Before that, the man was attending the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS, where he gave a very controversial interview to the journalist of the portal E! kat Sadler. It all started with the fact that the actor just circled around the girl. She couldn’t catch the artist, but soon were able to ask him a few questions. He said that all this is useless and makes no sense.

Джим Керри поцеловался в засос с мужчиной

“It’s useless. I’ve been looking for something useless to this to join. Agree, this makes no sense!,” comments Jim about the party. “I do not believe that the stars, “icons” exist. For the world of the so-called bright personality do not matter. Because the world is just dancing energy field, a cluster of pyramidal structures. I wouldn’t believe you if I didn’t smell your perfume. I didn’t dress up. I’m not here. It all happens by itself.”

The thing is that the actor all this time was in the way Andy Kaufman. In 1999, the year the film Director Milos Forman made the film”Man on the moon”, which describes the life of the character. The journalist did not quite understand the joke Kerry, which was very puzzled at the end of the interview, and even lost his speech.

The man passionately kissed the actor was dressed in as Tony Clifton. This is a very famous character invented by the comedian Andy Kaufman. This is a salon singer who wears black sunglasses and has a large belly. The audience loved it.

Jim Carrey is a professional actor and comedian, whose share has fallen the day difficult task. He had all the time in the role of Andy Kauffman, who actually played Tony Clifton. Kerry coped with the task, but the guests did not realize the switch.