Jim Carrey is preparing a response to the claim of the mother of the dead beloved

Джим Керри готовит ответный иск матери умершей возлюбленной

Blackmail and slander considers the claim of mother of deceased Katrina Waits Bridget Sweetman her ex-boyfriend actor Jim Carrey. The artist is preparing a counter-suit to defend his good name.

“Jim Carrey was shocked and devastated after the suicide of Katrina in September 2015.. He loved it and strongly supported, and her death was for him a real tragedy..
Suicide Whites was tragic, but it was her choice, as harsh as it may sound. Evidence that Catriona found and stole prescription medication Jim Carrey, in order to kill himself, we believe conclusively,” reads the statement of the lawyer, and claims widower of Katrina and her mother at JEM, his lawyers called “blackmail, based on brazen lies.”
Recall that last month Jim sued the widower of the deceased mark bunton, accusing the actor in the death of Catriona. A few weeks later the claim Kerry was filed and the mother of the deceased Bridget Sweetman. She claims that Jim brought her daughter to suicide by their violent attitude and abuse. The woman is sure that the actor was infected Catriona of sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea and chlamydia, and lied that he was sick, accused the beloved in wantonness. Whites committed suicide after just three days after their breakup, taking a lethal dose of drugs prescribed to Jim Carrey under a false name.
Bridget said that if an artist is honest, then publishes the results of the laboratory studies made in January 2013. And if they are negative, then Zwitman will take your claim and make a public apology, but Kerry, for whatever reasons known only to him refuses to take this step.