Jim Carrey hired private investigators to take revenge on the family of the deceased bride

Джим Керри нанял частных детективов, чтобы отомстить семье погибшей невесты

Started foul play. Hollywood actor Jim Carrey hired private investigators to take revenge on the family of the deceased bride Katrina Waits, accusing him in the death of 27-year-old girl.

Last week, the mother of Catriona Brigitte Swetman after the widower mark Bantoom has filed a lawsuit against Jim Carrey, accusing him of their daughter’s death. According to the grieving mother, the artist not only supplied the bride of medicines issued under a false name, but also gave her a whole bunch of venereal diseases, while accusing her of wantonness. Jim was lying Catriona, that is healthy, and that illness was her fault. It was one of the reasons why the couple broke up. Three days after the last breakup, Catriona committed suicide by taking a lethal dose of medications.
The woman publicly stated that will apologize and take action if Jim will publish the results of tests made in January 2013 under the name of Jose Lopez, but Kerry is not ready to take this step, but is ready for a lot of meanness artist who poured crocodile tears and talked about the great love felt for the deceased (he even carried the coffin during the funeral of Catriona in Ireland), hired private investigators in order to dig in dirty linen of the family of the deceased and the dirt, which can close the mouth of the mother Whites and her widower.
“How dare Kerry and his Hollywood lawyers to negotiate the family of Catriona and intimidate them! To hire private detectives to dig up dirty stories and dirt on a grieving mother is disgusting. These people have no conscience” — was indignant the lawyer of the family of the deceased Michael Avenatti.

According to him, detectives have already contacted some friends relatives of Katrina and asked them for a reward to publicly declare the depravity of the deceased to create her “image of girls of easy behaviour” and to clean up Jim’s in the public eye. But the public recognition of friends and relatives in such agreements will further denigrate the image of the Hollywood actor, and he’ll dig the grave of his reputation.