Jim Carrey has noticeably aged

Джим Керри заметно постарел Famous actor surprised fans with a new selfie. Jim Carrey has shared with followers on Twitter a photo where you can see how much has changed, the idol of millions. The man is not shy to show the gray hair and wrinkles.

      Джим Керри заметно постарел

      Perhaps, anyone has ever watched the famous Comedy with Jim Carrey in the title role. The artist is one of the few who can for a moment to transform into multiple images. “The mask,” “Dumb and dumber”, “the Truman Show”, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” and dozens of other comedies will forever remain a classic humorous movie. True Jim, of course, changed over the years. The man has published in a social network frame, which surprised many fans of the stars. In the picture Kerry depicted with a beard and a mustache, which stood out gray hair. On the face of a celebrity a lot of wrinkles, which he is not used to seeing the public.

      Джим Керри заметно постарел

      Community dedicated to the actor immediately posted a picture on Instagram, where he noted a significant change in the exterior idol. Fans admitted that they didn’t expect to see 55-year-old pet like this. Followers have suggested that the beard gives Jim a age, and without it he is as young as ever. They also stressed that regardless of age will always love and review brilliant Comedy featuring star.

      “Yeah… not caring for themselves. It’s awful. What fashion is now gone”, “he’s Probably a phase. Cool actor, I thank him for his work,” “something grandpa does at 55, Yes, to shave off his beard and get a haircut and everything will be okay”, “I need a living person to age in peace in the form in which he wants! And he looks normal – eyes are still the same good”, “Jim Carrey is love forever! For life! Let wrinkles, even gray – at least some! The whole world knows and loves! He is still young, let him live long and continue making fun of people its unreal facial expressions,” wrote the Network fans.

      Some users of the “Instagram” suggested that changes could be associated with the tragedy that occurred six years ago – the beloved actor committed suicide. Catriona white parted with the comic five days before death. Then Kerry told it could not accept a loss and very upset by the care of a loved one. Probably this loss has affected the appearance of the beloved artist. Jim Carrey arrived at the funeral of ex – lover