Jessica Biel talked about her difficult birth

Джессика Бил рассказала о своих тяжелых родах
The wife of Justin Timberlake has lost all his illusions.

Jessica Biel with her son


Jessica Biel, which
has a three year old son Silas from Justin Timberlake, admitted that bore
children with unplanned cesarean section.

“At home I was on duty two
midwives, both of which specialized in non-traditional childbirth — beyond
clinic. All of our shelves were littered with books about how hippies raise
their children, and one of the rooms of our house we prepared to throw
there maternity ward. Everything had to go according to a carefully designed
the plan!” told 36-year-old actress.

When it came time to give birth, something went very wrong,
as it was planned. “In the end, instead of a natural birth, to which I
prepared, I had to be rushed to the hospital where I had an emergency cesarean
section. I wanted to create for their children a natural, free from all sorts
toxins in the environment and treat it if need be, exclusively homeopathic
means… But in the end my child was born in the operating room, my son was
extracted in the white light from the incision on my belly, at the hands of an unknown surgeon! Home I
came back in a terrible state of mind — is extremely disappointed and have lost all
his illusions…” — says Jessica.

Now the difficulty is over, and Beale admits that she is ready to have a baby. She fully supports the plan of her husband, who
said recently, in response to the question would be how many more children he wanted to have: “The
the bigger the better!”.