Джессика Бил прокомментировала сообщения о беременности

For several days in the media “walks” the news that actress and wife of Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel pregnant with her second.

Such a rumor network users and the press got photos that were made at the opening of Jes restaurant called Au Fudge< /strong>.

To end useless conversations and to dot the “I” Gets decided in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“I don’t even know how to respond to such things. I do yoga and regularly visit the gym, thought I look slim, but apparently, over the belly still needs work”, — joked Jessica.

Recall that in the Timberlake family and Close grows only one baby Silas, who, incidentally, is a big fan of dad’s creativity: “I listen to his music, I think, even more than it should be. This may seem creepy, but I really love his music. Silas loves his work. We are constantly listening to his songs in the car.”

Only Timberlake preferences are not limited to the boy. As admitted Jessica, Silas now knows and accepts all styles and all artists: “Silas is actually in love with music. He’s a big fan of Erika Badu. He really likes playing the drums. He loves to play them, also he just loves the piano. Moreover, he knows how to play the drums head. We call it genius”.

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