Джессика Биль не желает, чтобы её сын попал в шоу-бизнес

The wife of singer Justin Timberlake actress Jessica Biel does not want their son Silas, who in April will be two years, inherited the creative genes of someone from their parents and “run into show business”.

“He’s incredibly charismatic kid, and he’s got many talents, but I don’t want to run into show business. Artist to be very difficult. I just want him to be happy, whichever path is not selected” — said Jessica.
I must say that Silas is already in some kind debuted on the screen – when his mother starred in the film “Book of love” (“The Book of Love”), she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. Jessica was not only a leading lady, but also a producer of the film, which tells how an architect who lost as a result of the accident pregnant wife, adopts a homeless teenager. The main role in the film was played by Jason Sudeikis and Maisie Williams. Many then tried to dissuade pregnant Jessica from working on the film, but she spent nine years waiting to do this movie, and the pregnancy could interfere with her plans.