Jessica Alba threw a party in honor of the birth of a son

Джессика Альба устроила вечеринку в честь скорого рождения сына

Very soon the light will be the third child of actress Jessica Alba and her husband Cache Warren, after which the couple decided to build a theme party baby-shower. Jessica was invited to a tea party, in the style which made a party of close friends and family in Beverly hills.

Alba looked wonderful, dressed in a black dress with bows at the shoulders. “Celebrate the best baby shower today,” Alba wrote in her instagram under a photo from the party. The same actress has pleased his fans and friends by the ETCs during the festival, at which the star was holding two large balloon in front of birthday cake.

The actress let everyone know about pregnancy the best way is through your Instagram. Such a step, the actress has decided after photographers caught her on the beach and captured an imperfect figure with visible tummy. Then the star realized that to hide and deny it is pointless.

Jessica Alba posted a touching photo of daughters. The picture shows the children of Alba keep the balls in the form of figures 9-year-old honor stands with a huge number of “one”; 6-year-old haven – with the number “two.” Jessica herself, holding the rounded belly, smiles, and raises head over the ball with the number “three”. Photo Hollywood star was signed: “Cash and I will soon be in the minority.” She also added the tags #mycovellosiella and #blessing.
Followers began to congratulate Jessica Alba and, of course, to inquire, who is waiting for star parents. However, the expectant mother was silent about the sex of the child, apparently, not to jinx it. In addition, the celebrity did not tell the fans about who her husband wanted a boy or a girl.

We will remind, Jessica Alba and cash Warren met in 2004 on the set of the movie “Fantastic four”. The romance between the young people began to turn very quickly. But they married only 4 years later. The ceremony was held in Los Angeles in the circle of friends and relatives. Hollywood star and mother of two children, honor Marie Warren and haven garner Warren. Note that the first photos of newborn daughter honor Marie, the couple sold to reporters for $ 1.5 million.