Jessica Alba threw a party before the birth

Джессика Альба устроила вечеринку перед родами
The pregnant actress styled the solid stomach showy dress.

Джессика Альба устроила вечеринку перед родами

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba, who has two daughters from husband Cache Warren 9-year-old honor and 6-year-old
Haven — admitted
not just that, although she loves children, being pregnant she just hates.
“When I’m carrying the baby, I feel so huge Humpty-Dumpty. And as
I’m not trying to look glamorous that I love very much, to me it does not
possible. Thank God, this time I have like, happened. In this dress I
finally felt like an attractive woman. Or perhaps
I just managed to convince himself!” — so Jessica responded to compliments about their outfit,
which Alba arrived at the party, which she, according to tradition, staged in front of

36-year-old actress
appeared before the guests in a simple but stunning dress, decorated with a large
bowknot on the shoulder. But when invited by Alba on the occasion of a friend started
to persuade her to have another (except that it now bears)
child, assuring Jessica that motherhood is her exclusively to the face, she
strongly opposed. “No, no and no again! I’m going
to end. Three children — that’s fine. My two older girls are very
proud that soon they’ll both be big sisters. But we Cache
enough three!” said firmly Alba.

in October, Jessica admitted that she already knows the sex of the baby, which
to be born in January. “I want to announce it officially: this
it will be a boy. Can’t wait until I can hug and
kiss! We are all surprised and pleased. After all, it is an entirely different situation
with our family…” — said Alba.

Jessica Alba with daughters