Jessica Alba showed huge pregnant belly

Джессика Альба показала огромный беременный живот
The actress, who will soon give birth, appeared in public.

Jessica Alba


36-year-old Jessica Alba for the last time
complained that very tired from the pregnancy. So the other day, appearing in one
restaurants from Los Angeles to meet a friend for lunch, Jessica looked
very tired. It was noticeable that she was already very difficult to move with her
huge belly.

As recognized actress, she’s not terribly fond
to be pregnant. This is due, in particular, with the fact that every time Alba gaining
a lot of excess weight (not less than 20 pounds), which is reflected in her
health. Besides, the actress is very upset with how she looks.
I’m carrying the baby, I feel so huge Humpty-Dumpty. And I don’t
while trying to look glamorous that I love very much, to me it does not
manages…” admitted Jessica, who recently threw a party on the occasion
close genera.

cash Warren, Alba’s husband and father of her two older daughters — 9-year-old honor and 6-year-old haven,
and as yet unborn third child, stick on
this account completely different opinion. “Jessica is so beautiful when she
pregnant. I admire with what courage and dignity she
transfers. And now, when our baby should be born very soon, I
very excited…” — confessed to the Cache. As previously reported, Warren and Alba has long
you know what they have at this time a boy, who will become the first son of the actress,
what Jessica said in October.