Джессика Альба поделилась интимным фото
The actress is already tired of fighting with excess weight.

Jessica Alba

Photo: @jessicaalba Instagram Jessica Alba

36-year-old Jessica Alba shared a very personal photo:
it was captured the moment when the actress breast-feeding your baby
Of Hayes, who is two months. As explained by the Alba in the caption to the picture,
the photo was taken in the fitting room of a shopping center, where Jessica decided
go shopping to clear my mind – along with Hayes in the Bjorn and two senior
daughters — honor and haven. Interestingly, although the laws of the state of California
breast-feeding is allowed in public places, Alba was too shy to do it
in public. She not only hid in the dressing room, but hid behind clothes
in such a way that her Breasts in the photo barely visible.

Jessica Alba in a dull moment. After
as for New year’s eve, she gave birth to the Hayes, the actress became a mother of many children.
With two daughters — 9-year-old haven and 6-year-old honor, as he told the times
Jessica, very active and agile girl. And sometimes just turn
the whole house is “upside down”. It’s good that older be imbued with the role of senior
sisters and even trying a little bit to help mother with the younger brother. But
Junior is spinning all the time around my mother, trying to distract themselves.

Meanwhile, Alba has already begun the “battle” for the return
prenatal form. As said the actress a few days ago, it has already started
training in the gym. Moreover, although Jessica and breastfeeding, she’s already
village on a diet. This is evidenced by another photo in which the actress filmed
in that moment, when there is a “sandwich”: a piece of ham wrapped in lettuce
sheet. “A sandwich without bread — it’s no fun…” — such a sad signature
Alba supplied this picture.