Джессика Альба поделилась фотографией новорожденного сына
The actress does not miss home.

Джессика Альба поделилась фотографией новорожденного сына

Jessica Alba

Photo: Instagram.com

Jessica Alba, who gave birth to her third child — in the Hayes
the last day of 2017, the year is extremely proud addition to your
family. Because Jessi and her husband Cache Warren, who was raised to
this two daughters — 9-year-old honor and 6-year-old haven, finally had a son. At the time when only
it became known that the actress is waiting for
boy, she shared with all her joy: “I can’t wait
I will be able to hug and kiss! We are all surprised and pleased. Because it is
an entirely different situation in our family…” — said Alba.

Recently Alba has revealed a new photo of Hayes, and all were given the opportunity
make sure that the boy has grown up so much over the month that passed since,
when the actress published his very first photo — from the hospital. Fans
actress, considered photos, unanimously came to the conclusion that the child is very similar to
Alba and absolutely charming.

Like honestly Jessica, she does not miss him, caring for
her baby. Even during “sessions” of breastfeeding, she does not lose
time, and watching your favorite TV show — “grace and Frankie”, where one of
the major role played by a living legend of Hollywood — Jane Fonda. “I’ve reached the fourth season and are not going
stop!”— said Alba.

Jessica Alba with family

Photo: Instagram.com